How to watch Leroy & Stitch?

How to watch Leroy & Stitch?

Leroy & Stitch

  • Year: 2006
  • Restrictions: all

Leroy & Stitch – rating:

  • IMDb: 6.2
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 40%

Leroy & Stitch – availability:

  • Netflix: Not available
  • Hulu: Not available
  • Prime Video: Not available
  • Disney+: Available

Leroy & Stitch – directors:

  • Tony Craig;Roberts Gannaway

Leroy & Stitch – genres:

Animation   Action   Adventure  Drama

Leroy & Stitch – production:

United States      

Leroy & Stitch – languages:



73 minutes


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Leroy & Stitch is a 2006 American animated science-fiction comedy television film produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. It is the third and final sequel film of the 2002 animated feature film Lilo & Stitch, and the television series finale to Lilo & Stitch: The Series. It also concluded the main continuity of the Lilo & Stitch franchise where Lilo Pelekai is a main character and Hawaii is the main setting. The film debuted on Disney Channel on June 23, 2006 and was also aired on Toon Disney on June 26, 2006.

While the film received mixed reviews, it was nominated for the 2007 Golden Reel Award by the Motion Picture Sound Editors, which ultimately went to Disneytoon’s direct-to-video film The Fox and the Hound 2.

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